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Couples Therapy

I use evidence-based interventions and clinical experience that lead to lasting change in your relationship. Rather than focus on the argument-of-the-week, we will look at the overarching patterns that prevent clear communication. I want to hear about your experiences in the relationship, and in turn, help you hear, validate, and respond to each other in a loving and respectful way. We will build on your strengths as a couple and explore new ways to grow (closer) together.

Possible outcomes can include:

~ Better communication between you and your partner

~ To solve disagreements in a way where you both feel heard

~ To feel connected and loved

I help couples overcome struggles in their relationship by providing an impartial and safe place to work on:​

~ Expressing your needs effectively

~ Being heard by your partner

~ Healing old wounds

My practice is one of inclusion, and ALL couples are welcome. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to make an appointment.

Couples Therapy: Services
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